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New Plane In The Line Up!

The Des Moines Flying Club is proud to announce the addition of a new plane to our fleet. It is a Piper Cherokee 6.

This plane is another cross country dream. It's equipped with: A Garmin 430W, 796 with synthetic vision, ADS-B, Auto pilot.

If you are interested in getting checked out in this new plane contact your club flight instructor. They will have all the information on the plane and can arrange a check out flight.


Cherokee 6

DSMFC is pleased to announce the club Mooney N56100 has an all new electronic engine monitor. It is very cool and makes operating the engine properly very easy. The operating manual is in in the flight manual for the airplane. You need to at least read the manual and possibly get some dual from one of the club instructors before taking off on a flight.

Click here for a pdf of the manual if you'd like to read it at home.

Here's a couple of pictures of the new engine monitor in the panel...

A glimpse of our New Mooney
We've added to our fleet again with a very nice Mooney! That means there are now 5 airplanes you can choose from to fly in our club. To see more about this plane and others click on the airplanes page.
New Mooney Air-to-air
Airplane Info - The Equipment, location and other data for all our airplanes are now organized on one table on the airplanes page.
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